Usman Hannan, 2019.
Usman Hannan, 2019.

Usman Hannan is an experienced professional Ontario Notary Public and Commissioner of Oaths appointed by the Attorney General of Ontario in 2012. He has a JD from Osgoode Hall, York U; MA Economics from University of Waterloo, and BA Honors from U of Toronto. He is fully registered with the Ontario Official Document Services (ODS),  and the Global Affairs Canada for Authentication purposes. Usman has a lot of experience in all sorts of document notarization and oath commissioning. He founded After-Hour Notary Public. Also an injury lawyer, Usman represents plaintiffs in slip/trip & fall, dog bite, premises/Municipal liability cases at the Hannan Hannan Barristers. While we do not give legal advice when notarizing, nevertheless having your document stamped and signed by an official who is both a lawyer and a notary in Ontario gives it a much higher level of authenticity, credibility and prestige. 

Usman Hannan, Notary Appointment in 2012.
Usman Hannan, Notary Appointment in 2012.

Service of Our Notary Public and Oath Commissioner:

Our Canadian Notary Public Notarizes and Oath Commissions Documents in All Languages, and for Anywhere in the World. For example: Arabic, Bangla, Cantonese Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Persian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, Tagalog, Telegu, Urdu and many other languages.

  • Certified True Copies, attestations and Notarizations of ALL TYPES OF DOCUMENTS, issued in any Country in the world, for example: 
    • Domestic or Foreign Passports,
    • Domestic or Foreign Driver's License,
    • Domestic or foreign Marriage Certificates,
    • Domestic or foreign Birth Certificates,
    • Foreign/Domestic educational/degree certificates,
    • Various Photo IDs
    • Copies of Original Will of the deceased
    • And Any Other Domestic or Foreign Documents. 
  •  Oath Commissioning/Swearing of Affidavits & Notarizing Your Signatures for all types of documents and forms other than will/last testament execution. For example, we witness/oath commission/ notarize:
    • Child Travel Consent Letter,
    • Immigration/Invitation Letter,
    • Name Change Application,
    • Out of Province real estate closing docs, estate docs etc.: We have notarized/commissioned for all provinces in Canada
    • Ontario real estate closing docs, estate docs etc.: We have notarized/ commissioned for anywhere in Ontario.
    • USA/American Documents, like US Real Estate Closing Docs, Time Share Transfer Docs, Business Transaction Docs etc.: Since 2012, our notary public has done notarizations of volumes of US documents of many US States without any issues, confirming our notary stamp and signature is recognized and accepted in America. Note: Depending on State/County requirement, you may have to Authenticate Notarized Documents from Official Document Services
    • Docs for Caribbean Islands: We regularly notarize every types of docs destined for Caribbean Islands like Jamaica, Trinidad etc., and we are thoroughly familiar with the notarization needs of that region.
    • Tawkeel for Middle East Region: Our Notary Public/Lawyer knows intermediate Arabic, which gives an advantage for notarizing documents for Arabic speaking countries.
    • Power of Attorney, Business/Bank Docs etc. for South Asian countries like India, Pakistan etc. : Our Notary Public/Lawyer knows Bangla, and some Hindi/Urdu giving us an advantage for notarizing South Asian documents.
    • Authorization to do something,
    • Sworn Affidavits, like affidavit of one and the same person with different names in various documents,
    • Statutory Declarations,
    • Professional and Licensing Exam Applications, like doctor licensing, pharmacist licensing, nursing licensing etc.
    • Inter-family motor vehicle transfers,
    • Immunization exemption forms,
    • All types of Power of Attorneys to be used outside Canada,
    • All Types of Court documents and Exhibits
    • Estate Administration documents/probate documents: We have notarized/ commissioned all types of estate related documents.
    • Patent/ Trademark Documents
    • Family Agreements, like pre-nuptial agreements, separation agreements etc.
    • Business Contracts,
    • And many other domestic or foreign documents.  
    • Note:
      While we notarize all sorts of estate administration forms and foreign power of attorneys, our notary public does not become witness of will/last testament execution and does not become witness of Power of Attorneys to be used inside Canada. If you have a will/last testament or a Power of Attorney to be used inside Canada that you wish to execute or sign, we advice you to talk with an estate lawyer for professional guidance.
    • See our Useful Forms and Guides Page for Document Preparation guidance.
  • We also do finger print service.

    We have vast experience in notarizing and oath commissioning documents for all over the world. It is prudent for your peace of mind to entrust your all-important documents with a professional, experienced and established Ontario Notary Public like us. 

What to Bring In for Notary Public or Oath Commissioner Service (Please Read Carefully)

  • Two pieces of your ORIGINAL IDs. One of them must be a govt. issued photo ID, like passport, driver license, health card etc. A second ID can be without photo. If your document specifically requires you to bring in a piece of id or document for notarization or oath commissioning, then please remember to bring it along with you.
  • If You Need Certification as True Copies of Originals or Attestation of Originals:
    • Originals of all documents (like Original Passport, Driver License etc.) + their photo-copies.
    • If your document is only available in electronic format in a portal or authentic organizational email, then print/bring copy of it, and be prepared to show the doc in the online portal or authenticated email for verification.
    • If you need true copies of Wills/last testament of the deceased, the original will and the death certificate + copies of all the pages of the will. 
  • If You Need Oath Commissioning/Witnessing Signature Service:
    • All original documents/filled up forms that you will be signing. The person who has to sign must sign personally in front of the Notary Public. If you need additional witnesses aside our Notary Public to witness your signature, then please come together with the additional witness.
    • We do not prepare documents or letters; we only oath commission them as you sign in front of our oath commissioner. So please make sure your documents/letters are ready (other than your signature). Some helpful guide for document preparation is HERE.
    • Note: We do not witness will/last testament execution and We do not witness Power of Attorneys to be used inside Canada.

**We accept Cash or E-Transfer Payments Only**

Questions? Just call/text/email us.


Our Promise and Commitment: Give Your Documents the Requisite Marks of Authenticity, Official Look and Reliability with Crisp Embossed and Rubber Stamps, Best Suited Colored Stickers and Crystal Clear Signatures of a Prominent and Experienced Ontario Notary Public & Oath Commissioner, Who is Also a Practicing Barrister & Solicitor in Ontario, so that Your Documents Serve the Purpose and be Recognized in Canada, USA and Anywhere in the Word. 

  • Established in 2012, we are highly experienced and professional in notarizing and oath commissioning all sorts of documents, so you can have the peace of mind that our notarization will maximize the credentials of your documents. 
  • Thousands served with 99.99% satisfaction.

  • Weekday after-hours and Saturday-Sunday drive-thru walk-in service is our hallmark. We also have appointment only Mon-Friday regular business hours.
  • 7 Days a Week - We are open when others are closed. 

  • Picturesque Garden Location at the heart of Mississauga and straight from Highways. Free Parking. 

  • Our experience and professionalism added to our speed. Together with our drive-thru service, your notarization gets done fast while excelling in authenticity and perfection, and you save precious time.

  • We ensure our legal stickers, notary embosser, rubber stamps and signature marks are of the highest quality to give your documents to best level of authenticity.

  • Our Ontario Notary Public is also a fully practicing personal injury lawyer, barrister & solicitor in Ontario. 

Our Courteous Notary Team Will Be Happy to Assist You and Answer Your Questions. We are Committed To Customer Service Excellence.

Our drive-thru notarization meets the needs of persons with mobility difficulty.

Just call/text/email us.

Usman Hannan Notary Public Embosser
Usman Hannan Notary Public Embosser
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After-hour Notary - Open Late Weekdays
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After-hour Notary Public Sign Outside Office Building
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After-hour Notary Public Building Entrance
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