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Founded by a dedicated Barrister & Solicitor, who have a passion for Notary Public Service. Our Notary and Oath Commissioning team provides the extra care that will make you feel valued and well-served.

After-hour Notary Public

Afifa Begum


She is apt in meticulously answering the calls of the Notary and Oath Commissioning clients.

Usman Hannan, Notary Appointment in 2012.

Usman Hannan

JD (Osgoode, York U), MA (Waterloo), BA Hons (U of T), Barrister & Solicitor, Notary Public, Oath Commissioner, Founder

Since my appointment by the Ontario's Ministry of Attorney General in 2012, I have been providing top notch notary public and oath commissioner service at a low price since 2012. I have a lot of experience in all sorts of document notarization and oath commissioning.

Notary Stamp

Our Story

When Usman Hannan obtained his Barrister & Solicitor License in 2012, then aside a litigation practice, he ardently wanted to provide a more general public oriented service that will enable him to interact with people, meet their paper-work needs in a non-legal, yet official setting and help them in a professional but down to earth way. So Usman Hannan obtained Notary Public License and appointment from the Ontario's Ministry of Attorney General, and started Notary Public and Oath Commissioner Service in Mississauga, serving the Greater Toronto Area. Because he is an Ontario Lawyer, Usman Hannan's appointment as a Notary Public and Oath Commissioner by the Ministry of Attorney General is for an Indefinite Period, and it does not expire.

Thanks to a consistent amazing low price, exceptional hours of availability, superior quality and a friendly, courteous, professional service from the onset, Usman Hannan's After-hour Notary Public has become top notch Notary Public and Oath Commissioner service provider in Central Ontario.

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After-hour Notary Public - Office Interior
After-hour Notary Public - Office Interior

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